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I go to Leslie when I need sound advice

I go to Leslie when I need sound advice. She is highly intelligent, but very practical. She is very skilled in maneuvering seemingly difficult obstacles in professional, financial personal spheres. She has helped me reevaluate many situations and find ways to become more prudent and resourceful and often provides constructive suggestions on investments for the future. I cannot recommend Leslie enough.

-Leigh Ann H., Federal Attorney

“My life has completely improved”

Leslie will push you to your edge and empower you to demand more from yourself. She’s not afraid to ask the tough questions.

— M.T.


Business Client: Toledano Properties Management (TPM) & Real Estate Development

  1. We obtained a thorough grasp of the nuisances of TPM’s business -what they do and what makes them unique.

  2. We shadowed owners, observed employees/clients/customers and walked through the day-to-day operations of each employee and had them explain what they did. We asked the staff what they believed was needed to make their job easier. We uncovered if employees bought into the company’s mission and vision.

  3. We closely examined P&L’s from a macro view and drilled down to micro when necessary to find cost savings. We cleaned up any extraneous expenses, negotiated new contracts and got a grasp on TPM’s financial health.

  4. We identified pain points and gaps in operational efficiencies, specifically in the case of TPM this was personnel and inadequate tracking systems. We researched and implemented appropriate software systems to streamline administration, scheduling and their collections process. We revamped their handbook and internal policies.

  5. Together, we increased net profits by an average of 65% over 5 years by reinvesting and redistributing funds to create a more marketable product and increase rents. TPM sold a property that was not generating income and discovered new market opportunities and revenue streams. Through this process, we restructured internal operations and procedures.


“Everything we wanted and more.”


— L.G.



— M.L.


“4 thumbs way up from my 2 sons!”

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— S.L.