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Life coaching for your business + a business plan for your life.

You know your business. We know how to help you make it run more efficiently.


Are you working for your business or is your business working for you? Do you want to elevate your company’s potential?

This service focuses on your business. We review the functions and operations of your business, analyze metrics, create goals, and implement solutions to achieve your desired RESULTS.

“ I hired Better with Becker to help manage the sale of my business and redirection of my career. “
— Jacques Fuselier

Better with Becker gets to know you - your strengths, challenges, history, and current needs.  Together we will tackle problems, identify oppurtunities, and create solutions.


Do you want more from your life? Do you feel unsatified, lost or just disheartened with where you are?

This service focuses on your LIFE. We discover what is holding you back, conquer these hurdles, create goals, and implement solutions to achieve your most JOYful life.


Are you feeling stuck? Have you made a bad decision and wish things turned out differently? Need a breakthrough?

You need a fresh perspective. We discuss your goals, determine the obstacles keeping you stuck, and get you back on track towards achieving your desired results.