Breakthrough Session


You are not satisfied in all areas of life, and you keep having that FEELING that unless things change, your future will be much the same as the past. A breakthrough session creates the momentum to propel you into achieving a more desirable future.

How it works:

We discuss your goals and determine the obstacles that are holding you back. This session is designed to meet your specific needs and create the momentum needed to expedite your realization of your goals. We work on the personal or professional changes you want to make. You are asked a lot of questions to uncover and illuminate relevant issues; some of which may not have been apparent to you. We get to the core of your issues and come up with a game plan on how to move past these obstacles.

This service works well for individuals. You can choose to focus on your professional and/or personal life.

What you get:

  • Clarity on your specific objectives

  • Strategic plan with short-term goals to achieve your long term objectives

  • Half day intenstive

Your Commitment:

Be prepared to get personal- no subject will be off limits.

Be prepared for a business analysis with inquiry into all facets of your operation.

Be honest and accountable; it’s how to get the best results.